About Us

Our offerings are based on a simple philosophy – everybody should have their own website

We are a small business enabler.

This platform is the result of catering to 2000+ businesses over the last decade with custom web design, development and marketing solutions.

You know that technology is changing fast. What you may not know is that the acceleration has reached a stage where you cannot run a business and stay on top of advances in technology at the same time.

What is working now did not exist 3 years back and will likely not be around 3 years in the future. This is a fact in the technology industry. Technologies evolve, good software is abandoned, existing ones develop bugs, two programs that work great together on paper do not work at all in reality – the list of problems is endless.

We know because we have seen this happen.

If you decide to build your website yourself, you will have to spend your precious time, energy and money to make the right choices when it comes to technology, but even then there is no guarantee that you will get success. The future changes fast and sensible business decisions go sideways. Like small businesses, even larger companies suffer from this relentless unpredictable growth of technology. We know because we have worked with big, medium and small businesses over the last 10+ years.

What You Get

ClickBiz was created to help small business owners bridge this gap. We help you get online quickly at low cost. We take care of your online presence for a fraction of the cost you would have otherwise incurred. From the fastest, most secure websites and hosting at exceptionally discounted prices to full-scale digital marketing and digital transformation solutions, we help you move from a small venture to a mid-size or even a large-sized one.

Chase Your Dreams

for no one else will do it for you

Why We Make Sense

Our free website, domain and set-up offer is meant for smart small business owners who realise the benefits of getting value for their money. We are upfront with our costs and do not have any hidden pricing that put you at a disadvantage. From what we have seen no one offers you what we bring to you at our prices. This is in keeping with our philosophy to help everyone get their very own special website.

How We Do It

We take care of multiple choke points in your digital presence. We deliver websites that are built on strong codes and are voted by experts as the best in the world. All website themes are premium and we add the extra software you will need to run your site. For hosting you get arguably the world’s best hosting services provider. In addition, we offer site management services and more.

Our Team

We have been involved in website design and management for over a decade.
Our team members have worked with thousands of small and big businesses from around the world and helped them with website design, development and maintenance, app development, digital transformation, content management and more. What you see here is the result of these 10+ years of expertise in understanding and resolving challenges for business owners and entrepreneurs from 90+ industries across 6 continents.

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